Copyright Policy

Everything under this portal is copyright © Warren Mars, with the exception of works that I have borrowed from other people.

The most common case of these are pictures that I have taken from various places on the web. Because they are so many and so small, and not the focus of any page but merely an illustration, I have generally not sought permission from the copyright owners. If you find that I have used your pictures on this site and you are not happy about it, or want a credit to be included, just send me an email and I will do something about it.

You are encouraged to link to any of the pages in this site from any site of your own. That's what this site is here for: for people to read.

You may redistribute any of this material without charge so long as:

If you wish to use any of this material commercially you must ask my permission, usually there will be a royalty to be paid.

You may not change or adapt any of this material without my permission.


I am a believer in the generally free and easy, laissez faire attitude of the world wide web. I don't want to get in the way of creative spirits and because I have used other's work on my site I wish to make it easy for others to use mine on theirs. On the other hand I must protect myself from misrepresentation and exploitation. Hopefully this policy should allow both these objectives to be achieved.