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A Gallery of Galleries

Here you will find a bunch of examples of my best photography.

The question of what to put in one's photo galleries raises the question of why one is putting one's pictures online in the first place?
- I could post a collection of happy snaps of my family and friends, but that would be irrelevant to most visitors.
- I could post separate galleries for each camera I have owned, but such things soon become irrelevant as the model is replaced.
- I could place ALL my best photos up here, possibly for sale, but that would be too large and unwieldy for everyone.

Upon careful reflection I came to the conclusion that the only rationale for these galleries is:
- To demonstrate my bona fides as a photographer, after all, how can I expect anyone to take my words seriously if I don't have the quality work to back them up.
- To provide some useful tips for the beginner, and perhaps the occasional new idea for the more experienced.
- To provide a quasi-comprehensive gallery of quality shots of Portland and the Glenelg Shire. This is only a secondary objective however and as I intend to keep each of these galleries to around 20 shots there will perforce be many subjects missing.

So check out my hotshots and enjoy them. They come with the complete EXIF in large and full resolutions so that you can study them as closely as you wish. The images have been processed to my satisfaction and I have applied some moderate compression to keep the size down, so if you see jpg artifacts that's why. Please remember my copyright usage rules: if you wish to use my work in your work, redistribute my work or make any money out of my work you must have my permission, so please ask!

* Note that the Canon A610 doesn't provide ISO data in its EXIF if the sensitivity is set automatically, (as many of these shots are), but you can assume it is 50 or 100.