Dancers At The End Of Time

Door Open

"Door Open" - Anry

This was my first poem since finishing secondary school. It was partially inspired by Michael Moorcock's novel of the same name but also by my faith in the ability of Science in the hands of an enlightened society to eventually solve all our problems and also by my experimentation with mysticism and the occult.

Maybe, there is a way out of here ...

Giant towers blooming in the spring.
The motor cars have long since died,
And dragged pollution to an early grave.
Power; we drew it from the earth.
Power; we draw it from the sun.

Green fields are basking in our golden daze,
The soft wind stirs the heavy summer haze.
Lotus blossoms at the end of time,
Unite the dreamers in this dream of mine.
Our work is done, we need toil no more,
We've made it! Masters of the cosmic lore!

Gazing out into the vortex, stars glow and die.
The universe is singing; we need cry no more.
Enlightened visitors in the eye of our mind.

Our days of violet are ending now for sure.
We wait on peace at the eternal shore.
Dancing at the end of time,
Like crystals, on the perfect wave.

Waiting for the dawn,
And after all these years we know the peace that lies within.
Lost on the infinite plain,
The way out is the way that we came in.

Waiting, on the dawn ...

Do you remember when we got lost so long ago?
Trapped so quickly in this world, that took so long to know.
I knew that we could do it, if we only could let go.
It would all come back some day and we'd remember, what we already know;

We are the children of the universe my friends.
We're living here in glory in the dream that never ends.
The feeling that's inside of you no one can take away.
Don't be afraid, no one can take your life away.

Waiting, on the future ...
The door is open inside.

It seems so long ago the song began to play,
Its only been ten billion years we've been away.

Warren Mars - December 1981