God's Message To His Creation


"God" - Terry Gilliam

Some time ago a member of my forum, claiming to be the authentic Jesus wrote this on a thread:

Call that shit poetry? Fair dinkum, Dad writes better stuff than that on his toilet paper in the celestial bog just by wiping his arse! Actually, if I can confide a little secret in you bunch of unbelievers: Dad's favourite poetic form is the Limerick. Fucking oath mate! Hang on for half a mo' while I find one...

Oh yeah, try this one. Dad wrote it on the back of his "certificate of authenticity" for this solar system. You can't miss it, it's on the biggest fuck-off stone tablet you've ever seen, on a slow orbit out in the Kuiper belt. Would I lie to you? Lol!

One day in a mad fit of mirth,
I created the Heaven and Earth,
Plants and animals too,
And some dumb cunts like you,
It's Art, but how much is it worth?

Warren Mars - October 2010