The Rule Of The Gun

Gun Monkey

"Gun Monkey" - pic: Matt Cioffi

I was chatting away to my mother at her place when the first verse of this poem came out of my mouth, so I wrote it down. Almost a year later I returned to it, found the backbone and finished it off.

It is, of course, a resume of the power structures implicit in our society. Unless you are stranded alone on a desert island you will inevitably find yourself at the mercy of one power structure or another.

The rule of the gun, gets things done,
Whether you like them or not.
If you get in the way, the gun will hold sway,
And kill you right there on the spot.

The rule of law, is a bit of a bore,
Which serves most to make lawyers rich,
But it helps to stop crime, most of the time,
Though the law is an ass and a bitch.

The Westminster rule, is the head of the school,
Of political systems in place.
But the unceasing mugging and sleazing and slugging,
Make us seek something new to embrace.

The rule of the boss, can make us all cross,
At times when we're head down at work.
If he's right it's ok, we hear and obey,
When he's wrong we just think him a jerk.

The rule in the team, of the Captain supreme,
Is something that can't be gainsayed.
You can argue in vain, that it's your turn to reign,
But great leaders are born, they're not made.

The head of the nest, is found out by test,
After the nuptial day.
If you find that your mate, is the one that you hate,
Perhaps you should go your own way.

If you think this world's free, just made for your spree,
I have some bad tidings for you,
However employed, you cannot avoid,
Someone telling you what you should do.

Warren Mars - July 2009