To The Muse Of Love


What can I say about this poem? Nothing really since it speaks for itself.
If you are involved in a love affair this wonderful then you are lucky indeed!

So fair! By moonlight's radiance,
Your warm expanse of loving skin.
Such flesh! So exquisite,
To feast my lust upon thy riches.

I love the dewy midnight sheen,
That makes our bodies glow.
When wrapped inside each other's arms,
In joyful ecstasy.

I never thought but I should find
Such love as now I find:
The thrilling touch of tender care,
So deep and intimate.

And oft the throb of strong desire,
And to see it throb in you!
Oh! The joy to hold it all in balance,
And let it work it's will.

For hours in the night or day,
Whene'er the hunger strikes,
Helpless in the sea of love,
We yield ourselves to joy.

To joy, to lust, to anything,
To feel the sweetness of the soul,
That gives itself so readily to love;
That makes humans of us all.

The gentle curve of buttocks,
That lie soft beneath my hands.
That flex and move, in sympathy,
With the surge of my desire.

Each part of this moonlit body,
Is receptive to my touch.
This message, I send through every pore,
'I love you', with all my heart.

We kiss, we kiss, and oft we sigh,
And touch, and moan, and move.
This love making is special,
We play beyond the rules.

Our love making is harmony.
Perfection! Let it flow.
When the mood is strong we can do no wrong,
So ride our fate with grace.

It's to the muse of love I aim my art:
The respiration of my soul.
I long to touch my lover's body:
The instrument of my desire.

Warren Mars - October 2000