The Pastry Cook's Week

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

For years the phrase: "Friday: Apple pie day" has been rattling around in my head. A few days before writing this poem I began thinking: "Ok, that's Friday, but what about the other days of the week?" Monday was a cinch but the other days didn't come easy. I had ideas from other disciplines but decided to stick to the Pastry Cook's theme. Perhaps this came about after I spent a successful week of sweet baking where I produced a lemon cake, yo-yos, pumpkin tart, jam tartlets and a chocolate pastry roll. All good!

I was fairly certain that the original phrase came from somewhere else and was well known, but a search of the internet suggests otherwise. There is a similar sentence in "May I bring a friend?", a children's book from my childhood, but it's broken in two, so not quite the same. Mae West sings a similar line in "My Man Friday", but again, not quite the same.

For the benefit of Pastry Cooks the world over, I tried to include all the main items in their arsenal, so that it would have real meaning for them, namely: cakes, biscuits, pies, tarts, doughnuts and buns. This was not easy, as days like Tuesday and Thursday have limited rhymes. I thought I was being clever making up "Biscuiteur", but it turns out it's a proper French word. Saturday nights are free of course, as are Sundays.

Incidentally, the rhythm of these lines is interesting, it seems dysrhythmic, yet it's instantly recognisable?!

Monday: Iced bun day
Tuesday: Custard ooze day
Wednesday: Cake friends' day
Thursday: Biscuiteur's day
Friday: Apple pie day
Saturday: Doughnut batter day
Sunday: Just for fun day

Warren Mars - June 2009