Japanese Perversions

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Is there any limit to Japanese perversion? I think not!

This is another one of my poems based on a friend's idea. I originally intended it to be a collaborative work but the direction I took with it was not to his liking and I removed his verses at his request. Nevertheless, his characteristic: "I do not like it when ..." remains, as does his choice of structure which is, in fact, the first octet of the Martian Sonnet Form.

From my location at the other end of the Pacific, Japan seems a bizarre and alien world. My conception of Japan is what I see on the TV and on the internet: news, documentaries, fashions, TV shows, manga, anime and porn. I see over-population, xenophobia, insecurity, creativity, hard-work, childishness and patriarchy.

It appears to me that the Japanese don't have the same covered up view of sexuality that has traditionally prevailed in the West. As a consequence, a whole raft of bizarre behaviours and fetishes have sprung up there that would not have got started in the West. Many of these perversions such as Bukkake and Hentai have been eagerly embraced by the rest of the world as pornography explodes across the internet in every country known to man.

If I were to psychoanalyse the Japanese male I would say that there is an imbalance in their sex roles. In public they like to play the hard men and appear to keep their women down and their girls girly, yet their pornography invariably depicts desirable females as helpless, large-breasted school girls who can't say no, indicating that they are afraid of self-confident, full-grown women. Were I to guess at their home life I would imagine that their wives wear the trousers and that they are afraid to go home.

This poem shows the psychic imbalance and inconsistency between the male dominant and submissive perversions. On balance you can see that there is more submission than dominance. As an avowed Masculist I strongly disapprove of men who constantly submit to their wives, I have seen too much of it. The woman in the poem, in expressing her contempt for these men, is also expressing mine.

I find this a strange poem and one that is hard to characterise. Yes, it is intended to be humourous, but it is also something of a feminist attack on Japanese perversion. It is also something of a story about a particular woman who acquired something of a life of her own in the writing. Not all her opinions are mine.

("Chikan" - groping on the train)

I do not like it when I catch the train,
And I am squeezed up tight with all the rest.
A stranger's hand will always grope my breast,
I find it makes me stressed and half insane.

How dare you perpetrate this gross affront?
It's enough to make an honest schoolgirl blush:
Fondling my bum cheeks in the crush,
And trying to slip a finger up my cunt.

("Hounyo" - urination fetish)

I do not like it when I need to pee,
But you won't let me leave this crowded street.
I writhe and hold, until in sad defeat,
I piss myself and every one can see.

I can't think how my urine gives me power,
But lying in the bath you look so dumb,
Wanking off, til just before you cum,
I drench you in a salty golden shower.

("Sokutei" - measurement fetish)

I do not like you measuring my bits.
That ruler and those calipers you hold;
I'm sure that's not the reason they were sold:
To metricate my clitoris and tits.

Please don't use your favourite device:
(Your calibrated speculum of glass),
To stick up my vagina and my arse,
And quantify their depth. It isn't nice.

CallipersGlass Speculum
("Bukkake" - mass jerk off on a woman)

I do not like it when you stand around,
And strip me naked like a sex object.
My character and soul you disrespect,
While I am forced to kneel upon the ground.

What turns you on to see me in this place?
Why must you men humiliate me so?
You jerk away until you're set to blow,
And then you spray your semen on my face.

("Shokku-shu Kei" - tentacle rape)

I do not like it when, out of the blue,
Your face splits and your eyes turn brilliant green,
You sprout horns and you groan in mode obscene;
It's something I do not expect from you.

I sweat, the blood pounds in my ventricles,
I struggle vainly in your demon grip,
With glistening ease from me my clothes you strip,
And penetrate me with your tentacles.

Tentacle Rape
("Panchira" - panty fetish)

I do not like it when you buy my pants.
I take them off; you watch me from behind,
To prove they're mine. Perhaps you'd like them signed?
This seems a piss-poor stand in for romance.

To hold them seems to turn you on a notch,
To sniff them makes you bar up like a stud.
But I consider you must be a dud,
To get off on the odours of my crotch.

("Goukan Pure" - rape play)

I do not like it when with hidden cam,
You film me as I dress and go to work,
While in your tradesman's truck you watch and lurk,
Absorbing all the woman that I am.

And then at night my privacy's destroyed,
As in my home I'm bound and videotaped,
You smirk at me just after I've been raped,
As though it's something I must have enjoyed.

("Crush" - women crushing small creatures)

I do not like to stand on bugs and worms,
Dressed in leather corset and high heels.
For the life of me I can't see what appeals,
In squeezing out the life of iggly squirms.

I know that it's not only in Japan,
That stressed-out Bob can't stand up to his wife.
But you should really try and get a life
And grow up, you pathetic little man.


Warren Mars - October-November, 2009