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Arthur Riggs: Voo Doo Fields

On Christmas Eve 2007 I found myself speaking the first 2 lines to my brother's dog, no one knows why. Feeling the rest coming on I strode to the computer and let it flow. Now if you're going to talk complete nonsense you might as well go all the way, so I tried to extend myself here somewhat.

Rhythm is the key to such nonsense, but there is also a quasi semantic subtext that I found was coming through. This subtext gives the poem it's drive and I, for one, get the feeling that it makes sense on some unconscious level. I enjoyed modifying existing words and playing with the subliminal meaning.

This poem is something of a tongue twister but it is more than that. When you get to the end you will realise it feels like a spell. As to what you may be conjuring, who knows?... As for Voodoo: notwithstanding the picture I chose, and the fact that it feels like a spell, it is not intended to be anything of the sort.

Iggety, oggety, friggety, froggety,
Diggety, doggety, do.
Mackety, mickety, nackety, nickety,
Golly gosh, Kalamazoo.

Arkamelockety, fillakolsprockety,
Vegecolposcopy, goo.
Garmakalakavich, horshackmacktackavich,
Bovine ironical, moo!

Garble intestical, warble nonsestical,
Frollical, jollicle you!
Inconsequentinal, cnidarian tenticle,
Egument, tegument too.

Rebus andronicus, ficus moronicus,
Elikavonicus, boo!
Magus Korestenes, William Divestenes,
Tracheo vakeo, Voo.

Warren Mars - December 2007

(Fonetik version for those who are unsure of the pronunciation)

Iggetii, oggetii, friggetii, froggetii,
Diggetii, doggetii, duu.
Makketii, mikketii, nakketii, nikketii,
Gollii gosh, Kallamazuu.

Arkamelokketii, fillakolsprokketii,
Vegiikolposkopii, guu.
Garmakalakkavich, horshakmaktakkavich,
Bouvain aironnikal, muu!

Garbl intestikl, warbl nonsestikl,
Frollikl, jollikl yuu!
Inconsekwentinl, niderian tentikl,
Eggyument, teggyument tuu.

Riibas andronnikas, faikas moronnikas,
Elliikavonnikas, buu!
Maagas Koresteniiz, Willyam Divesteniiz,
Trakkio vakkio, vuu.