Wedding Advice & Blessing

Registry table figures

"Registry Table Figures" - photo: Warren Mars

Written on the occasion of my niece Laura's wedding to her fiance Danny. You may wonder how a man who has never been married can be in a position to give advice on the subject. Fair comment! I can only say that I have been involved in a number of long term relationships and after hearing the priest and parents hand out advice on the day I think my advice is as good as anyone's.

To Laura and Danny: Here's wishing you well,
As you stand at this great embarkation.
But the twistings of life, there are none can foretell,
Whatever the planned destination.

In love as in war, there's no rule to construe,
And each pair of two is unique.
What works well for some, may not work for you,
Whatever the books may bespeak.

It's best to view it as some kind of song
And make it all up as you grow.
Just listen with care when the other one speaks,
And ensure both get a fair go.

Here's hoping with children your match will be blessed
To bring forth the family home.
With happiness, health and money possessed,
And never the wilderness roam.

Warren Mars - March 2015