Want to find something in particular in these works fast?
Can't be bothered with Mr Mars' meticulous hierarchical storage system?
Then this is the page for you.

In their never ending search for global domination Google have kindly offered to do customised searches through my archives, free of charge, just to satisfy you.
Now isn't that selfless and public spirited of them? I can't imagine how they could possibly benefit...

Please enjoy the convenience!


Oh Google thou art so big!
So unimaginably vast!
Thy servers number their data bytes like the grains of sand in the Sahara.
Truly art thou great! So excellent in thine accuracy and friendliness to the user, and far superior to those greedy and feckless rivals like Microsoft & Yahoo.
And verily thou asketh nothing in return, but the complete knowledge of everything we do over our miserable life span.
So exquisite thy strategy, so subtly employed...
And such gorgeous wallpaper!
We're all pretty impressed down here verily I tell thee!

Googlehu Akbar!