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Mars painting, Mars drawing and the Martian Colour Wheel!

Yes I do Art as well!

In fact, it was Visual Art that came first! Like everyone else I was finger painting in Kindergarden and bringing my childish works home to be stuck up on my wall. We had Art every week in Primary School and painting and drawing were a regular part of life. I even hung around with some of the other "good drawers" at recesses and was one of the ones picked by the teacher to do a space mural for the classroom when the Apollo program was reaching the moon.

I used to draw quite a bit back at home too. I filled a thick sketch book with cartoons and images from inside my young head. But all that evaporated the moment I discovered music! Furthermore, there was no room for Art at Secondary School, where it was an elective and seen as a subject for the dumb ones. This attitude is a sad indictment on the morality of our society where anything that doesn't make money is seen as unimportant. Quite wrong too, as all children know that being a good drawer is special and they respect their Artists.

I did a 1 week oil painting class at summer school when I was about 12 and kept the paints and brushes. In a time of terrible disaster and depression in my early twenties I reverted to the Artist briefly, producing a few images from deep in my tortured soul. Living with other students of an artistic bent also produced some visual creativity but it didn't last.

After my computer career collapsed and I left Melbourne it was Music, Music, Music, just as it was in my teens. As the Music began to dry up however, Art reared up its head again and embracing it felt like coming home!

The following song describes this journey as eloquently as I can manage. It belongs on an album called "An Artist's Life".

Back To The Easel

I know where I'm coming from: the same place where I started from.
Brush in hand, I'll while away, the quiet hours that fill my day.
Got me some paints and an easel too, a palette knife and a palette too.
Handful of brushes and a washing jar, painter's paper and there you are!

I started painting soon after I was born, warm inside on a frosty winter's morn.
Poster paints, one brush, I heard the call: a yellow sun with a face upon my wall.

I know where I'm coming from: the same place where I started from.
Pen in hand, I'll draw aside, the troubles of a life outside.
Got me some pencils and a sketch pad too, a sharpener and a rubber too.
A place to sit with the light just so, something to draw and here we go!

I used to draw at school and back at home, cartoons, faces, birds, a dog alone.
Plain and coloured pencils, ink and quill, evil acts and demons there to kill.

I know where I'm coming from: the same place where I started from.
Strange to live my life and find, I'm back to that childhood state of mind.
Got me some time when I'm in the mood, an Artist's eye and attitude,
A scene in mind and a plan of play, fire the gun and I'm on my way!

What is it that says I must create? Subconscious stress or just the act of fate?
To dwell in thought and live a life apart, and every day produce a work of art.

Warren Mars - 2004

I don't follow any one else's style, I don't take classes, I just do what I think is a good idea and I find that I like most of my work. Sure I produce a few duds but less than I used to.

I put up this section primarily to expose my work to whoever might be interested. The real duds have been left out. Visual Art is a highly subjective field, I have no idea whether anyone will find my work attractive, all I can say is that I like it! I intend to keep my galleries updated as I produce new work and I will keep the old stuff up as well.

I also include my Colour Wheel as I believe it is important and should be taught to children from the beginning, so that we all have a proper chromatic vocabulary and we are all working from the same page.

I have included prices in my galleries for those that wish to purchase my work. Just send me an email if there's something that takes your fancy and we'll work out the payment and shipping arrangements.