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Warren Mars Welcome to my Blog. I present it here for fans who want to know what I'm up to and when they can expect the latest installment of my work. This blog deals entirely with matters that pertain to my work, ie things that will ultimately impact on the content of my websites. It will not touch on my personal life, ie matters pertaining to my friends, family and partners. Typically you can expect most of the content of this blog to deal with computers, websites, photography and music.

Note that there are some years where I have been too busy to add any posts. Sad, as I was doing stuff in those years which might be of interest but unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day and only so much juice in the tank.

The true fan will want to be alerted when I have added some new content rather than regularly checking the front page. To this end I have set up a blog at with stub entries that will generate an RSS (or Atom) feed when there is something new to look at (or listen to). It is called Martian Content New Web Content.

To be automatically alerted you need to copy the RSS address from the blogspot page into your RSS client, or if you are friendly with Google you can simply click on the RSS icon above.

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