The Bitch Within

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What lurks behind a pretty face? - Cinderella 3 promo Disney Pictures

Many men are taken in by a pretty face and superficial charm, not suspecting that a darker creature lurks below the surface, acquiring power and awaiting the opportunity to dictate her own selfish, and possibly silly, agenda.

When at your place I'm treated like a mule,
But small request from me's a major boon,
And ownership obsession's your one tune,
Then battle for control's the constant rule.
When in my need my call for help's forlorn,
When cherished hopes are put down with disdain,
And your conduct to me is quite insane,
Then staying on with you cannot be borne.
The only hope to save it lies with you,
If I see light perhaps I'll swing the door,
But you must make the effort to begin.
I know that you cannot know what you do,
In time you may address your fatal flaw,
But first you need to see the bitch within.

Warren Mars - June 2008