Jelling For Tea

Towelie from South Park.

Towelie from South Park

This nonsense poem came into my head with an actual voice during my first REAL stoning. The voice in my head kept adding new lines, which became more progressively more inventive, to my great amazement as my mind was completely blown and my body became incapable of movement and my chest became hot and tight.

It seemed that this poem went on for 10 minutes or more and I really can't remember at this distance what all the words were except to say that "Jelling for tea" appeared a LOT! The 3rd stanza is all that I definitely remember word for word. The rest is along the right direction and close enough I guess...

Is Jelling a person or something to eat? I really have no idea.

There's me and there's you and there's you and there's me,
And there's Jelling for lunch and Jelling for tea.

There's you and there's me and there's me and there's you,
And Jelling for brekkie and dinnertime too.

There's Jelling for you and there's Jelling for me,
And there's certainly, probably, Jelling for tea.

There's Jelling for me and there's Jelling for you,
And I'd say there'll be Jelling at suppertime too.

There's nothing to tell, there's no need to lie,
After lunch there'll be dinner with Jelling and I.

And the places there set will be one and be three,
With I and thou and Jelling and thee.

And Jelling is rich and Jelling is shy,
There's Jelling for you and there's Jelling for I.

Wherever you are, that's the place you should be,
With probably, definitely, Jelling for tea.

Warren Mars - December 1976 and November 2015