Little Johnny's Gone To Hell

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"John Howard" - Warren Mars

I was very happy to see a change of government after the 2007 Australian federal election, and I was particularly delighted to see John Howard personally humiliated by being only the second Prime Minister in the history of Federation to lose his seat whilst in office. I was disgusted with "Little Johnny" for a great swag of reasons and after hearing his opponent Kevin Rudd speak of him with the greatest of respect, I thought it was time to set the record straight, and detail the kind of man he was and the changes he had forced upon Australia; from my point of view almost all bad. The one thing he did in 11 years of power that I applaud was reducing the number of guns in Australian society, especially automatic weapons, but that was 11 years ago and it was all downhill from there.

Of course I have more against him than the average Australian, since I am member of the pariah class of the unemployed, as well as a member of the poor. The economic prosperity of recent years passed us by entirely, and instead we have been subject to intolerable heartless persecution and torture for the "crime" of being unemployed. It is interesting, is it not, that it is the wealthy that are the meanest and greediest; when times are good their wallets are closed.

Little Johnny's gone to Hell,
Summoned by the tolling bell,
That loosed the chains and broke the spell,
Which held us trussed for years.

At last we've seen the axe's fall,
The tyrant toppled by the small,
It's time to make the judgement call,
On his catalogue of crime.

As Bush's grovelling toady stark,
He sent us off to invade Iraq,
A trade pact dimmed our culture's spark,
Detention without charge.

He cleverly silenced Republican cheers,
He cynically played to the racists' fears,
Refugees kept in prison for years,
And black hooded men on the docks.

The Arbit Commission was knocked on the head,
The Union movement almost dead,
"Work Choices", and GST instead,
And "Full Time Work For The Dole".

Global warming he simply couldn't believe,
To sign Kyoto would be naive,
When we're blessed with such coal as you can't conceive,
And the hell with the Barrier Reef.

Our taxes spent on a mind-control spree,
A controlling hand on the ABC,
The SBS run commercially,
And Telstra robbing us blind.

And don't forget all the inhuman scum,
That enacted his will and were under his thumb,
Like Andrews and Ruddock and Downer the plum,
And Costello and Reith as well.

So don't believe any "great leader" tripe,
He ruled for the rich, and he ran true to type,
Power hungry, sycophantic, a real arse wipe,
Let him fry in a saucepan of turds.

Warren Mars - 26 November 2007