The Mosquito

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"Mosquito" - photo: BBC

The Northern Territory is a wonderful place, full of spectacular scenery and Kakadu wetlands are one of the brightest jewels in its crown! Unfortunately however, the amenity of this place is marred by swarms of hungry mosquitos. Your only hope of maintaining sanity in the late afternoon and evening is to lather on greasy insect repellant or to lock yourself away inside a mozzie-proof shelter...

Some ecologists say that mozzies are an integral part of this lovely ecosystem, but I wonder if it would really be so bad if we simply eradicated them with a genetically engineered virus...

This poem was written in a mock Chinese accent. I not know why...

Bad mosquito, you so small,
Maybe you not there at all?
Then I hear your high pitched whine,
And I start to lose my min(d).
Coz I no like it when you bite,
You make me want to start a fight.
I will swat you. I will hit.
I will spray you; little shit.
I not care that my blood you ate,
But your bite; it irritate!
It leave a nasty, itchy patch,
Then all I do is rub and scratch.
If you just one I not so sore,
But always there a hundred more.
Why should I just tolerate,
So you my world can populate?
You screw up this whole area,
And also spread malaria!
I wish you and your friends all died,
So I not have to go inside.
We all hate you, even dog.
No one like you, except frog.
Except frog and little fish,
They eat you all up. Yes I wish!
One day we get you. Are you hearing?
With genetic engineering.
When you gone from all the slaughter,
Then I can sit beside the water.
When you gone nobody cry,
You even worse than little fly.
You part of group of curses old,
With leech and bedbug, common cold.

Warren Mars - May 2016