Suzy The Floozy

Suzy The Floozy

Suzy The Floozy

I had the original idea for this poem about a woman, probably a touch vain, wearing various different colours, one for each verse, along the lines of "Hector Protector was dressed all in green". I wrote out the seven opening lines, and looked at the rhymes for the colours. I knew that all I needed was a theme but nothing came. On St Patrick's Day afternoon I looked at some alternative names: Elsie McKelsey, Myrtle McKirtle and Suzy the Floozy. Once I tried a bit of Suzy the Floozy it all fell into place.

Thanks to Les Roberts for supplying the start of the vermilion verse.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in grey,
And thought she would go into town for the day.
First for a bite at a charming cafe,
Then on to a film or perhaps the ballet.
She lingered with joy at her chocolate souffle,
When a rather smooth gentleman offered to pay.
She tried to refuse but he wouldn't take nay,
And he followed her out and he led her astray.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in brown,
And thought once again she would venture to town.
But looked through her wardrobe with lengthening frown:
"What I really need is a lovely new gown."
At the fashion boutique where she sought some renown,
A bewitching young scoundrel said: "You look a clown!
Come with me and you'll soon feel you're wearing the crown."
And he smiled and flattered and then took her down.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in red.
She pondered and sighed as her memory fled.
"What was that thing Father Carradine said?
Damn it! It's vanished clean out of my head."
A ring at the door bell soon killed off that thread,
Twas the bakery man with a loaf of fresh bread.
She asked if he hungered and had he been fed?
"Not yet", said the man as he took her to bed.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in green,
And waltzed into town feeling calm and serene.
"It's time I developed an artistic mien."
She thought as she wandered in search of caffeine.
The handsome barista behind the machine,
Asked: what was her fancy and what was her bean?
She replied: "Give me something that's fit for the Queen".
But he offered her something uncouth and obscene.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in blue,
And loafed around looking for something to do.
She felt second hand but she wished to be new,
So she rang up and booked in a cut and shampoo.
At the shop she was met by a tiresome queue,
But Marcel winked his eye, and he waved her on through,
Into the back room, where the curtains he drew,
And gave her a set of a different hue.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in black,
As she stopped and she shrugged to the ground her rucksack.
"If I go any further I'll just do my back!
This wilderness thing: I just don't have the knack."
Just then was the sound of a dry branch's crack,
And a healthy young hiker appeared down the track.
He said: "You need someone to cut you some slack.
Come into my tent and I'll feed you a snack.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed in vermilion,
And launched forth to seek entertainment vaudevillian.
But whilst boarding the coach met a charming postilion,
Who suggested a pastime a tad more civilian.
He proposed that she enter his humble pavilion,
Where he'd fill her a glass and wax her brazilian.
He told her his skills were one in a million,
But she found they were rather mundane and reptilian.

Suzy the Floozy was dressed all in pink.
She batted her eyes as she sipped at her drink,
And raised her champagne next to his with a clink.
She gazed at her partner and this she did think:
"He may be a cad and he may be a fink,
But he's got a nice car and he bought me this mink.
Sure, he's got a wife, but at least he don't stink."
And she nodded along and she gave him a wink.

Warren Mars - March 2012