Utter Nonsense


"Psychevomita" by Nonsense-Prophet

Started this one in a supermarket after a line from Spike Milligan's "Ning, nang, nong" popped into my head.

To all the assiduous students of the utterances of Mars I have this to say: Don't look for meaning where there is none.

There's a big bad drain on the African plain, where the elephants willa wolleroo.
And the nervous hare has relatives there and the twerkies chilli chally choo.

There's an old bazaar and a carnival car, on the ringforth hem-thick nock.
And there's none so grand, in all the land, as the brindled dill-back fock.

Oh roast me a slice of your bad advice, I'll be ready in a jim jam jake,
And guard it well, but beware the smell, of the otter-trotter billy-valley gake.

Noxious weeds are a source of seeds, as they say in the somnolent huff,
And peach's pride will be your guide, as you seek in the merry derry fluff.

Go frighten yourself! said the fairy elf, as he dropped in the golfang tide,
Abhore the sneed! Alair the creed! of the fergle wombang wide.

Anosh! Anash! Gerfruterine! As the timbang froddle drivel kneed.
Terbosharam! Felarstic jam! Beroval toggle teggle fleed.

Now the bish galah aren't fond of yar, to tesh with your piddle, croddle froe.
Kaloo, Kalay? Oh frabjous day? You can waller in your kiddle, moddle, poe.

Must a gorebang sound like a lumox hound, though he bare with a mortle frolic?
It's a frittle frot! Be wared a lot. Dorrel forth to your middle iddle cholic.

Now I've had enough, of this noxious guff, and can just about backtoe stobe,
Away with this crap, you fiendish chap, and your gizzle, gazzle, wekuntilly nobe.

Warren Mars - November 2015