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Warren speaking

"Give me a place to stand ... and I will move the world" - Archimedes

Hello reader and welcome to my soapbox. Yes, it's true: I'm a strongly opinionated man! And since those opinions are the result of long education and careful analysis, I consider it my duty to share them. This section of my site is dedicated to that purpose. This is the place where I put forth my considered analysis on matters that aren't big enough to have their own section, yet are important enough to get at least a page. Matters meriting only a paragraph or two may be found in my blog.

I intend to stand on my soap box and deliver diatribes and lectures on a whole range of subjects, from computers to photography, from politics to sport. Not too many days go by without me forming an opinion on one thing or another so I'm not likely to run out of topics.

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Here are a list of my most recent rants:

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